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Confirmation of Corn Rootworm Hatch

June 5, 2003

On May 29, first-instar western corn rootworm larvae were detected in root tissue of corn plants dissected by entomologists with Purdue University. The plants were obtained from plots of corn grown in Tippecanoe County, Indiana. To detect larval hatch, Larry Bledsoe, research entomologist, Purdue University, had been dissecting 50 plants per day. Based upon his observations, he believes the initial hatch occurred on May 25. These findings indicate that corn rootworm larvae have been feeding on root tissue for about 2 weeks across much of central Illinois. In extreme northern Illinois counties, larval hatch likely began during the last few days of May or very early June. In the coming weeks, please let us know if you experience any control problems. We look forward to sharing your observations with our readers.--Mike Gray

Author: Mike Gray

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