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Butterflies and Bt Corn: Allowing Science to Guide Decisions

December 6, 2002
If you want the complete story regarding Bt corn and monarch butterflies, go to This excellent report was prepared as an informational and educational service by scientists with USDA-ARS, Cornell University, University of Guelph, Iowa State University, University of Maryland, University of Nebraska, Purdue University, and Monarch Watch. From the Web site, you also can download a printable version of the 12-page report. The report provides an excellent and objective overview of the controversy regarding the potential effect of Bt corn pollen on monarch caterpillars. As the title indicates, the emphasis is on science, and the report provides many references and links to track down additional, more detailed information. Kudos to the developers of this information.--Kevin Steffey

Author: Kevin Steffey

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