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Lock in the Dates for the 2003 Crop Protection Technology Conference and the Corn and Soybean Classics

September 6, 2002
Although most thoughts are on the upcoming harvest, don't forget to lock in the dates for the 2003 Crop Protection Technology Conference and the Corn and Soybean Classics. The dates for the Crop Protection Technology Conference are January 7 and 8, 2003, and it will be held at the Illini Union on the campus of the University of Illinois. Similar to last year's meeting, participants will be able to "tailor-make" their individual schedules for the 2-day conference, which will feature a keynote session on agricultural bioterrorism and also offer four symposia, including one on the implementation of environmental stewardship practices when using transgenic crops. In addition to the symposia, 15 specialized seminars will be presented by speakers covering a range of crop production and protection topics.

Also plan to attend the sixth annual Corn and Soybean Classic Meetings scheduled for January 2003. The meeting dates and locations for 2003 are as follows: January 14--Interstate Center, Bloomington; January 15--Hickory Grove Banquet Center, Rochelle; January 16--The Mark, Moline; January 21--Holiday Inn, Mt. Vernon; January 22--Holiday Inn, Collinsville; and January 23--Crowne Plaza, Springfield. These sessions have increased in popularity each year and are attended by producers as well as representatives of the agribusiness sector. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding these meetings.--Mike Gray

Author: Mike Gray

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