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Soybean Aphids: Reports of Economic Infestations Few and Far Between

August 2, 2002
Thus far, perhaps the biggest surprise of this summer has been the scarcity of reports concerning economic infestations of soybean aphids in Illinois fields. Last week, during a field meeting in DeKalb, Kevin Steffey could find soybean aphids; however, he had to expend considerable effort to locate them. Yes, as we've reported, soybean aphids can be found in many fields if you look hard enough. And, yes, some fields have pockets where the aphids are more numerous. But overall, we've been fortunate across much of the state with respect to this new insect pest.

As the month of August unfolds, please let us know if you find densities of soybean aphids that you think warrant a treatment. Aphid densities can explode quickly, so this story could have a different ending by the end of this summer. So far, the very hot summer appears to have helped reduce infestations of soybean aphids. We will continue to learn a great deal about this insect in the coming years.--Mike Gray

Author: Mike Gray

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