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Callisto Advisory

June 7, 2002
We recently received a product advisory regarding the herbicide Callisto. This issue also was addressed in issue no. 1 (March 22, 2002) of the Bulletin ("New Herbicides and Label Changes for 2002," Christy Sprague and Aaron Hager). Following is part of the advisory, verbatim:

"Syngenta Crop Protection is issuing a crop advisory to customers cautioning against applying Callisto herbicide post-emergence on corn following certain organophosphate soil insecticide applications. Syngenta research shows that severe, irreversible crop injury may occur when Callisto is applied to corn over the top of Counter CR insecticide and Lorsban 15G insecticide."

These types of interactions between herbicides and insecticides have been reported with other products in the past. Make certain you read the label carefully before applying any pesticide.--Kevin Steffey

Author: Kevin Steffey

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