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Southern Corn Leaf Beetle Injury Revisited

May 17, 2002
Although I have not received additional reports of southern corn leaf beetles causing injury to corn seedlings, it's still advisable for folks in the southwestern and western counties to watch for this pernicious pest. For several years I have presented illustrations of the southern corn leaf beetle adult and injury to corn taken from the 1915 publication "The Southern Corn Leaf-Beetle," written by E. O. G. Kelly. I also have relied on the excellent close-up photograph of the adult taken by Marlin Rice, Extension entomologist at Iowa State University. However, I recently received a couple of very good photographs of the adult (with some size perspective) and classic symptoms of feeding injury from Mike Roegge, Adams/Brown Extension unit educator in crop systems. The photos clearly show what you should be looking for. Make certain you don't confuse injury caused by southern corn leaf beetles with injury caused by black cutworms. Finding and accurately identifying the pest is the most assured method of diagnosing the problem.--Kevin Steffey

Southern corn leaf beetle adult.

Injury to corn seedling caused by southern corn leaf beetle adults. (Photo courtesy of Mike Roegge.)

Author: Kevin Steffey

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