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Replanting and Application of Soil Insecticides

April 26, 2002
Recent heavy rains, followed by much colder temperatures, have resulted in a few instances of corn having to be replanted in some fields. Some of the farmers affected had applied soil insecticides for control of corn rootworms, cutworms, white grubs, or wireworms, and they want to apply an insecticide again during replanting. Under this scenario, what's legal? Can the insecticide applied the first time be applied again during replanting? What are the maximum use rates of specific soil insecticides within a growing season?

A few farmers ask these questions every year, so it's a good idea to be familiar with the labels of the different insecticides. Kevin Black, with Growmark in Bloomington, compiled information related to these questions, and with his permission, I am sharing the information in Table 2. (This table provides guidelines. Check product labels for exact directions for use.) As you will note, very few products can be applied more than once per season. If replanting is necessary and a farmer wants to use a soil insecticide during replanting, he or she likely will have to use a product different from the product applied the first time. Noted exceptions are Lorsban, Pounce, and Warrior. Please be aware of the restrictions and follow all label directions and precautions.--Kevin Steffey

Author: Kevin Steffey

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