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Captures of Armyworms and Corn Earworms, Too

April 26, 2002
"The Hines Report" ( also contains information about captures of armyworm and corn earworm moths in traps "baited" with their respective pheromones. The numbers of these species captured in traps are not as impressive as the numbers of black cutworms captured thus far, but we will continue to monitor their presence. As Ron Hines notes in his report, the numbers of armyworms captured this year are less than the numbers captured in 2001. This doesn't mean that armyworm problems won't develop in wheat or grass hay or pasture, but at least we are watching the little buggers more closely this year.

A report from the University of Missouri Delta Research Center revealed that the numbers of armyworm moths captured during 6 to 8 days before April 16 were worthy of note69 moths captured in Dunklin County, 109 moths captured in Mississippi County. Both of these counties are in the bootheel of Missouri, not too far from the southern tip of Illinois. We'll try to keep our eyes on moth trap captures south of us, too, just to remain aware of any early warning signs.--Kevin Steffey

Author: Kevin Steffey

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