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Update for Slug Control

April 12, 2002
My article about slugs in last week's Bulletin (issue no. 2, April 5, 2002) elicited a response from Ron Hammond, my friend and fellow entomologist at Ohio State University. Ron has conducted more research on slugs and their management in corn and soybeans than anyone else in the Midwest. Therefore, I consider his advice golden.

Ron informed me that the slug-control product of choice is Deadline MPs, not Deadline Bullets, as I reported. Apparently the pieces in the "Bullets" formulation are too big and not enough of them get distributed at the application rate of 10 pounds per acre. Ron indicated that the MP formulation has smaller pieces and comes closer to the required number (four to five pieces per square foot) for good control. Remember, this is a bait formulation, so the distribution of bait pieces is important. Ron also indicated that a newer product, Trail's end LG, also provides good control of slugs.

So, thanks to Ron for setting the record straight. I hope growers in Illinois don't have to resort to using slug baits, but if they do, it's best to know which ones are most effective.--Kevin Steffey

Author: Kevin Steffey

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