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Learn More About Corn Insects

April 12, 2002
If you are looking for references that will help you identify, scout for, and manage insect pests of corn, look no further than Corn Insect Pests: A Diagnostic Guide and the Entomological Society of America's Handbook of Corn Insects. The former reference was originally published in 1998, as a joint effort between entomologists at the University of Missouri and the University of Illinois. It's a field guide that focuses on 20 of the insect pests most harmful to corn production in the Midwest. Color photographs of pests and the injury they cause are plentiful, and "help boxes" focus attention on symptoms, diagnostic tips, and confusing look-alikes. Insects discussed in the guide are separated by time of occurrence for easy reference: corn planting to full emergence (up to V2), emergence to knee-high corn (VE to V8), knee-high to tasseling corn (V8 to VT), and tasseling corn to maturity (VT to R6). The guide is available from Information Technology and Communications Services. It sells for $8 (plus $3.50 for shipping) from Marketing and Distribution, 1917 S. Wright, Champaign IL 61820. Ask for publication C1358.

The Entomological Society of America published the Handbook of Corn Insects in 1999. This handbook outlines fundamental approaches to corn pest management that can aid in reducing crop damage and loss. With contributions from 73 experts throughout the United States, it provides detailed descriptions of topics, including insect identification, life-history data, and management options. This comprehensive guide includes discussions on corn ecology and physiology; corn insect pests, predators, and parasitoids; and corn pest management procedures. It includes 158 color photographs, 132 illustrations, a directory of local information, and a glossary. If you are interested in obtaining this publication ($37), contact

If you regularly need information about corn insect biology and management, both of these publications would be excellent additions to your bookshelf.--Kevin Steffey

Author: Kevin Steffey

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