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April 5, 2002
Information about pest management is available from many sources; you may already have created bookmarks for the best sites on the Web. In fact, from time to time, authors of articles in the Bulletin refer to articles in other midwestern states' newsletters that are available on the Web. So, as a service to you, we offer the URLs for newsletters published throughout the north-central states. (Although some of the following Web sites focus solely on insects, most are multidisciplinary.) Some of the URLs direct you to an archive, from which you can click on the year of interest. These URLs to other states' newsletters may come in handy, especially if you want to obtain multiple perspectives about pest situations and pest management issues.

· Pest & Crop Newsletter (Purdue University)--

· Integrated Crop Management (Iowa State University)--

· Kansas Insect Newsletter (Kansas State University)--

· Kentucky Pest News (University of Kentucky)--

· Field Crop Advisory Team Alert Newsletter (Michigan State University)--

· Integrated Pest and Crop Management (University of Missouri)--

· Crop Watch (University of Nebraska)--

· Crop and Pest Report (North Dakota State University)--

· CORN: Crop Observation and Recommendation Network (Ohio State University)--

· Extension Entomology Mail (South Dakota State University)--

· Wisconsin Crop Manager (University of Wisconsin)--

I hope these sites contribute to a broader knowledge of pest management situations and issues throughout the Midwest.--Kevin Steffey

Author: Kevin Steffey

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