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Preliminary Results of the 2001 European Corn Borer Fall Survey

October 5, 2001
The preliminary results of the 2001 European corn borer fall survey are presented in Table 1. The results are presented as preliminary because we do not have completed surveys from 16 cooperators as of yet. So far, the results suggest that densities of the European corn borer surged ahead of 2000 levels in many counties. Infestation levels were very impressive in Jo Daviess, LaSalle, Livingston, and Winnebago counties. In general, many fields in southern Illinois appeared to escape economic infestations of European corn borers once again. Producers in central and north-central counties undoubtedly noticed many broken stalks as they combined fields this fall.

We'll report the results from the completed survey in next month's issue of the Bulletin. For now, we hope these early findings offer some insight regarding the impact of this key insect pest on 2001 corn yields. Historically, fall survey data have not proved to be useful in predicting infestation levels for the upcoming season. However, these data do suggest that European corn borers may be "rebuilding" their numbers following recent years of extremely low densities. Ultimately, the level of diseases (Nosema pyrausta and Beauveria bassiana) in overwintering larvae and environmental conditions during the first flight of moths next spring will be the key factors in regulating European corn borer populations in 2002.--Mike Gray and Kevin Steffey

Author: Kevin Steffey Mike Gray

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