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Aphids Invade Akron

August 17, 2001
Apparently Toronto, Ontario, doesn't have anything on Akron, Ohio. We received a report from Ron Hammond, Ohio State University, of another soybean aphid invasion. The presence of the soybean aphid in Ohio was confirmed just last month, but already these pests have made the news in Akron, Ohio, as they have descended on the city. The Beacon Journal reported that the Akron Fire Department may have responded to a cloud of aphids mistaken for smoke. Reports from Cleveland, Ohio, indicated that the soybean aphid made an appearance in that city last week, too. The Beacon Journal newspaper article is available on-line at Will this happen in other urban areas? We don't know, but we will keep you informed of any further movements of the winged generations.

Chris DiFonzo, Michigan State University, reported that the aphid populations are crashing in parts of Michigan, but many fields still appear black due to the sooty mold that remains on the soybean leaves. The sooty mold may prevent sunlight from reaching plant cells, thereby limiting photosynthesis in the affected plants. Chris and others will continue to monitor fields with severe infestations to determine the impact of sooty mold. We have received reports of some aphid population crashing in fields in Illinois, too, but populations in many fields in the northern part of the state remain high. Data from the University of Illinois soybean aphid insecticide efficacy trials will be available soon. --Sue Ratcliffe

Author: Susan Ratcliffe

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