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Soybean Aphid On-line Reporting and Mapping System

June 22, 2001
The directors of the North Central Pest Management Center are pleased to announce that the Soybean Aphid On-Line Reporting and Mapping System is now available on the North Central Pest Management Web site: To access the system, you must click on the first icon (News Alerts) in the header and then select Soybean Aphid Alert under "Index of News/Alerts." This brings up the NC Pest Management Center's Soybean Aphid Page that lists the Soybean Aphid Watch Project 2001 (On-line Reporting and Mapping System) and related links. Select the Soybean Aphid Watch Project 2001 to activate the program. The homepage contains a map of the United States and several informational links, including a photo image library, the online reporting form, and a PDF version of the Soybean Aphid Regional Pest Alert fact sheet. Each state designated with a pink dot on the map is active for mapping reports of soybean aphid observations.

To ensure accurate identification and assessment of soybean aphid abundance during the 2001 growing season, the online reporting system is password protected and will be available only for individuals affiliated with research and Extension programs at land-grant institutions. However, you can view information about soybean aphid distribution and abundance by selecting a state with a pink dot and clicking to bring up that state's data page. On the right side of the state's page is a map that will reflect reports of aphids in the state based on date of first observation and abundance. This coded map will provide the visitor with a quick assessment of the aphid activity in the state. On the left side of the page is a map that links to the state's detailed reports that are available for each county. Select a county and click to view a list of all reported observations within that county. The listing will include date of observation, aphid abundance, and location (including township and section number) for each reported observation.

We hope the reporting system is a useful source of information. Please let us know if you have any suggestions regarding how this electronic reporting system can be improved.--Susan Ratcliffe, Mike Gray, and Kevin Steffey

Author: Kevin Steffey Mike Gray Susan Ratcliffe

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