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Stalk Borer Injury Reported in Northern Illinois

June 15, 2001
Stan Eden, crop systems educator, Ogle County Extension Unit, reported on June 11 that he had received several calls concerning infestations of stalk borers. Visits to nearby fields confirmed that corn plants were being infested by this insect pest. The areas of fields most severely affected were those that had been infested with giant ragweed last season. As we've indicated in previous issues of the Bulletin, giant ragweed serves as an excellent ovewintering site for the eggs of stalk borers. Stan reported that many of the stalk borers are still very small, suggesting that migration from their weed hosts to corn is not yet complete. Producers are encouraged to consider the use of an insecticide in areas of fields that were heavily infested last season with grasses and other weeds, especially giant ragweed. Post- emergence sprays should be applied as larvae migrate from their weed hosts to corn. Products that are labeled for stalk borer control in corn include *Ambush, *Asana XL, *Capture 2EC, *Lorsban 4E, *Pounce 3.2EC, and *Warrior. Please read the insecticide labels for more specific application instructions. All products labeled for stalk borer control are restricted-use products and may be applied only by certified applicators.--Mike Gray

Author: Mike Gray

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