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Soybean Aphids Reported in Minnesota Soybean Fields

June 15, 2001
On June 12, I received a report from David Ragsdale, a professor of entomology at the University of Minnesota, concerning his observations of what "appear" to be soybean aphids in four soybean fields, all in the early vegetative stages of development (V1 to V2). The soybean fields sampled (June 12) were in Houston County, located in southeastern Minnesota. The sampled fields were located near other fields that had been heavily infested with soybean aphids in August of 2000. All of the soybean fields supported "active aphid colonies." The density of aphids found in colonies ranged from just a few to roughly 50 aphids. Professor Ragsdale reported that approximately 10% of the plants randomly sampled had at least one aphid. Border rows were most heavily infested, especially those located nearest wooded areas with buckthorn, the overwintering host of soybean aphids.

Professor Ragsdale indicated that four winged aphids (alates) also were detected and that confirmation of the species identity is being sought. We'll keep you posted on other potential developments this season on the soybean aphid front. If you find aphids in soybean fields, please report these observations to us as soon as possible. We appreciate your cooperation.--Mike Gray

Author: Mike Gray

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