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Variegated Cutworms Clipping Stems in Soybean Fields

June 8, 2001
John Fulton, Extension unit leader, Logan County, reported on June 5 that variegated cutworms were causing economic stand reductions in some soybean fields. Thus far, in Logan County, approximately 1,000 acres of soybeans have been replanted due to variegated cutworm damage to emerging soybean seedlings. John indicates that most of the cutworm injury has occurred in fields that lacked any fall tillage and where chickweed infestations were present.

As we've indicated in previous issues of the Bulletin, rescue treatments should be considered in soybean fields if 20% of the plants have been cut, the stand has gaps of 1 foot or more, and cutworms are present and continue to feed. Insecticides that are labeled for use on soybeans against cutworms include *Ambush, *Asana XL, *Lorsban 4E, *Pounce 3.2EC, and *Warrior. All of these products are restricted-use insecticides and can be applied only by a certified applicator. Please read and follow the instructions on the product label for more complete application procedures.--Mike Gray

Variegated cutworm. (Photo courtesy of Marlin E. Rice, Iowa State University.)

Author: Mike Gray

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