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Corn Rootworm Hatch Very Early This Year

June 1, 2001
As we predicted in the Bulletin (issue no. 8), the corn rootworm hatch is early this year, and we anticipate numerous calls in the next several weeks confirming larval feeding and injury. Larry Bledsoe, an entomologist with Purdue University, confirmed that on May 16 he was able to find "robust" first-instar larvae on corn roots in Tippecanoe County, Indiana. Larry indicated that this is the earliest confirmed hatch in Indiana since 1985. Because of the early hatch and small developing root systems, fields that support heavy infestations of corn rootworm larvae could begin to show signs of stress (leaning and wilting plants), especially in areas that have been dry. Soil insecticide performance is often compromised in dry-soil conditions. Let us know if you begin to observe fields with obvious signs of rootworm injury. We look forward to your reports.--Mike Gray

Author: Mike Gray

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