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Soybean Aphids Found in Illinois--This Time for Certain

May 25, 2001
After my initial questionable report of the first soybean aphids found in Illinois (Bulletin issue no. 7, May 11, 2001), I wrote a warning about jumping to conclusions regarding identification of aphids (Bulletin issue no. 8, May 18, 2001). Well, now the waiting is over. David Voegtlin, aphid specialist in the Center for Economic Entomology in the Illinois Natural History Survey, has confirmed identification of soybean aphids, Aphis glycines, that were collected from Rhamnus (buckthorn) in Whiteside County on May 10. He also identified A. nasturtii, the so-called buckthorn aphid, from the same sample. So, at long last, after lots of searching, we know that at least some soybean aphids made it through the winter.

All suction traps to sample for flying aphids have been erected at the seven sites I indicated in issue no. 7 (May 11, 2001) of the Bulletin. Some collection jars have been sent to David Voegtlin by the volunteers who are keeping their eyes on the traps. As soon as we learn that we have captured soybean aphids (suggesting they are moving from Rhamnus to soybean), we will let you know via articles in the Bulletin and by a table of data posted at the IPM Web site. As soon as the table is functioning, we will provide the Web address for easy access.

So, now that we know that soybean aphids are "awake," we will increase our vigil. Stay tuned.--Kevin Steffey

Author: Kevin Steffey

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