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Black Cutworm Cutting Observed in Cornfields and Soybean Fields

May 18, 2001
We've received a few widely scattered reports of black cutworm cutting in corn and soybean fields. In addition, intense flights of black cutworm moths continue to occur in isolated areas of the state. Dale Baird, crop systems Extension educator, Rockford Extension Center, reported an intense flight (nine or more moths caught over a 1- to 2-day period) of moths occurred on May 13. Late-planted and weedy fields will continue to serve as egg-laying targets for female moths. Mike Roegge, crop systems Extension educator, Adams and Brown Extension Unit, reported on May 15 that several cornfields were being treated for black cutworm injury in Brown and Adams counties. Although soybean fields are less susceptible to economic losses caused by black cutworms, a producer indicated to me that he would need to replant at least a portion of his soybean field due to severe black cutworm cutting below ground. We've covered black cutworm biology and management in several issues of this year's Bulletin. A few words of cautiondon't let your guard down just yet concerning black cutworms. Take the time to scout your cornfields and soybean fields and be ready to respond as needed.--Mike Gray

Author: Mike Gray

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