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First Capture of European Corn Borer Moth Reported in Southern Illinois

May 4, 2001
Ron Hines, senior research specialist, Dixon Springs Agricultural Center, reported that on May 1, he captured his first European corn borer moth of the 2001 season. The single moth was caught in Pope County. Last year, Ron caught European corn borer moths for the first time on May 9, also in Pope County. This year's capture suggests that we are slightly ahead of last season's pace with respect to European corn borer emergence. Based on estimates of the overwintering population of borers, we don't anticipate a widespread economic threat from the first generation of European corn borers. However, the second generation of this insect pest could surge ahead later this year. We'll keep you posted on future flight observations and offer some timely scouting tips as we progress through this season.--Mike Gray

European corn borer moth in action site.

European corn borer moths (from left to right: female, male, female).

Author: Mike Gray

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