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Comprehensive Website for Soybean Varietal Information

April 27, 2001
The Varietal Information Program for Soybeans (VIPS) is a great tool for the analysis of the performance of soybean varieties. The URL is VIPS enables the user to compare selected attributes of individual varieties with ease. VIPS has recently been redesigned to be more user-friendly and comprehensive. VIPS was developed by researchers at the University of Illinois and Iowa State University and was initially funded by the Soybean Research and Development Council. The Illinois Soybean Program Operating Board is providing continuing funding.

VIPS offers valuable information on the production attributes of soybean varieties. It integrates information on yield and protein and oil content with data on disease susceptibility. Information is available for soybean varieties that were grown in all 12 locations of the University of Illinois field trials in 2000.

An additional component of VIPS is designed for users interested in in-depth analysis of soybean composition. This component, VIPS-Composition, provides information on 31 end-use attributes of soybean composition for more than 2,000 varieties. In addition to yield and disease information, the VIPS-Composition database includes values for attributes such as fatty acids, amino acids, and isoflavones. Information is currently available from the 1998 and 1999 soybean trials by the University of Illinois, Iowa State University, Soy Capital Bank, and Mycogen (now a part of Dow Agrosciences).

To use VIPS-Composition, click on the VIPS-Composition link from the VIPS homepage. Use of VIPS-Composition entails a simple, one-time, free registration process to obtain a user name and password. To register, click on the Access Request Form near the bottom of the VIPS-Composition page. Immediately after you complete and submit the registration form, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail with your chosen user name and password. Users may then access the VIPS-Composition database immediately. A brief tour of VIPS-Composition is available by clicking on "Introduction to VIPS-Composition Capabilities."

VIPS Highlights

Data for 2000 soybean crop: Analysis of results from all 12 University of Illinois field trials, ranging from Dekalb to Dixon Springs. Soybean variety comparison: Compare varieties from one or more locations. Rank them from highest to lowest based on yield, protein, or oil content, or disease resistance. Evaluate performance of Roundup Ready or conventional varieties. Trial location information: Identify the trial locations where varieties of particular interest are planted, and compare their trial outcomes. Display specific information regarding the environmental and agronomic conditions for all trial locations. Disease information: Disease resistance data for white mold, SDS, SCN, rhizoctonia and seed mottling are now available for many varieties.

VIPS-Composition Highlights

Comprehensive 1998-1999 data on more than 2000 different soybean varieties: Includes information from the University of Illinois Variety Testing Program, SRDC Yields Project, Iowa Performance Test Program, Mycogen, and Soy Capital Bank trials. Performance information: Results for yield and more than 30 other end-use attributes, including protein, fatty acids, amino acids, and isoflavones. Master list of all soybean varieties: Users can easily pick a variety and go directly to the variety's trial results.

The VIPS website can be a valuable in-season tool for you to know what to expect from a variety and, of course, a useful tool for variety selection in coming seasons.--Suzanne Bissonnette

Author: Suzanne Bissonnette

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