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Any New Products Labeled for Control of Corn Rootworm Larvae?

April 13, 2001
By now, you are aware that during the past couple of years, some new products have been registered for control of corn rootworm larvae in corn: two insecticidal seed treatmentsForce ST with ProShield Technology (from Syngenta) and Prescribe (from Gustafson)and a liquid insecticide, Capture 2EC (from FMC). We have written articles about these products, their performance in insecticide efficacy trials, and expectations for performance.

Within the past week, we learned about some rumors regarding other "new" products that are labeled for control of corn rootworm larvae. In at least one area of Illinois, the rumors suggest that "rootworm larvae" has been added to the labels of Pounce 1.5G (from FMC) and Warrior T (from Syngenta). Although it is true that both of these products are labeled for control of some soil insect pests in corn (for example, cutworms and wireworms), a review of the labels reveals that "corn rootworm larvae" is not listed. Warrior T is labeled for control of corn rootworm adults but not for control of the larvae.

With the recent spate of new products available for control of corn rootworm larvae and several other soil insect pests in corn, it's not surprising that a little confusion might occur regarding other products. The solution to knowing what is and is not labeled for control of any given insect in any given crop is to read the label. If you have any doubt about the currency of the label you are reading (some labels on the Web are outdated), contact a representative of the manufacturing company of the product in question. Don't take a rumor at face value.--Kevin Steffey

Author: Kevin Steffey

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