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Corn and Soybean Herbicide Premixes

April 6, 2001
Corn and soybean herbicide premixes are (to say the least) numerous and can be confusing with respect to what active ingredients are contained in a given premix as well as the amount of active ingredient applied at a given rate. Table 2 and Table 3 list most of the commercially available corn and soybean herbicide premixes, respectively. The application rates listed in the tables are meant to be used as references; for some of these herbicides the application rates will vary depending on soil texture, organic matter, weed species and size, and so on. Always consult the respective herbicide label for appropriate application rates. You can easily change the application rates from those given in the table to whatever rate you choose and, knowing the amount of each active ingredient contained in a given premix, then determine the amount of active ingredient applied for each premix component.--Aaron Hager and Christy Sprague

Author: Aaron Hager Christy Sprague

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