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Excellent Photos of the Soybean Aphid

April 6, 2001
Since last August, we have written many articles and talked frequently about the soybean aphid, Aphis glycines, that invaded the Midwest last summer. Right now the aphids are overwintering as eggs on buckthorn, Rhamnus species, and later in the spring winged aphids (alates) will fly to soybean fields to colonize. Not too far into the near future, many people will be looking for the pest and wondering what to do if they find it.

Everyone knows that the first step in proper management of an insect pest is accurate identification. To help you with this task, I direct your attention to a Web site that includes some excellent photographs of wingless and winged soybean aphids, nymphs and adults, and eggs on Rhamnus. The Web site ( is maintained by and the photographs were taken by Dr. David Voegtlin, aphid specialist in the Center for Economic Entomology in the Illinois Natural History Survey. I am certain that as the season unfolds, David will add even more photos to his and other Web sites. So check out the photos to familiarize yourself with these little critters and to hone your identification skills when they are needed this summer.--Kevin Steffey

Author: Kevin Steffey

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