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April 6, 2001
The University of Illinois IPM Web site ( is the repository for a lot of information related to management of insects, weeds, and plant diseases. If you visit this site with any frequency, keep your eyes peeled for changes in design and navigation throughout the year. Our initial site, developed primarily by Mary Winters-Meyer and Susan Ratcliffe in the Department of Crop Sciences, was created to "house" the many IPM educational materials we produce at the University of Illinois. As the site has expanded, we recognized the need for enhancements. Nevertheless, the current site contains a lot of information you might find useful.

At the IPM Web site, you can have access to many educational materials, including publications and video clips. Among the books available are the Agronomy Handbook, Agricultural Pest Management Handbook, Illinois Crop Protection Technology Conference Proceedings, and Insect Management & Insecticide Evaluations. Currently the most recent editions of some these books have not been "loaded" onto the Web site, but they will be soon. An exception is Insect Management & Insecticide Evaluations, 2000, the results of all of our insecticide efficacy trials conducted last year. John Shaw, director of this program, has compiled articles that focus on control of alfalfa weevil, corn rootworms, European corn borer, grape colaspis, soybean aphid, white grubs, wireworms, and other insects.

You also can check out information by category:

· Field Crops, Urban, Medical, Livestock, Fruit and Vegetable

· Soybeans, Corn, Wheat, Sorghum, Alfalfa

· Insects, Weeds, Plant Diseases

The site contains too much information to discuss in detail in the Bulletin, so check it out for yourself. Again, the arrangement and appearance of the information at the IPM Web site will be changing this year, so keep watching.--Kevin Steffey

Author: Kevin Steffey

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