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New Guide on Early Spring Weed Identification and Control (NCR 614)

March 16, 2001
There is a new, color North Central Regional Publication on identification and management of vegetation commonly found in no-till fields. This publication is an excellent guide to aid in identifying those hard-to-identify weed problems in no-till fields, such as winter annuals and biennials. This 22-page guide contains more than 130 color photographs of vegetative and reproductive stages of 45 weeds common to field crops across much of the Midwest. The guide also contains a taxonomic key to aid in identification and a table listing the sensitivity of various species to selected herbicides. The guide is available from University of Missouri, Extension Publications, 2800 Maguire Road, Columbia, MO 65211-0001 or by calling (573)882-7216.--Christy Sprague and Aaron Hager

Author: Aaron Hager Christy Sprague

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