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Don't Forget to Register for the University of Illinois Corn and Soybean Classic Meetings

December 15, 2000
Please don't forget to register for the 2001 University of Illinois­sponsored Corn and Soybean Classic meetings that will begin in mid-January. The 2001 sessions will mark the fourth consecutive year for these multidisciplinary conferences. The response of our clientele from each of the three previous seasons has been positive, and attendance has continued to grow at these regional conferences. We believe we have another informative program for 2001, with speakers who will address critical issues in the crop-production and crop-protection arenas. The format of these meetings calls for short presentations by each speaker, usually lasting only 25 minutes. Following the morning and afternoon sessions, panel discussions with the audiences are scheduled for 30 minutes. Every attempt will be made to enhance the interaction with the audience. So if you have questions that you are seeking answers for, please make sure that you come to one of these six regional meetings and query the speakers.

Following are dates, locations, certified crop advisor credit (CCA) information, and a list of the presentations that will be given at each meeting.

Dates and Locations

January 16--Urbana (Holiday Inn)

January 17--DeKalb (Farm Bureau Building)

January 18--Moline (Mark of the Quad Cities)

January 30--Mt. Vernon (Holiday Inn)

January 31--Collinsville (Holiday Inn)

February 1--Springfield (Crowne Plaza)

Topics and Speakers

· Transgenic Hybrids, Seed Treatments, and Soil Insecticides: Making Sense of Soil Insect Control--Mike Gray

· Aphids in Soybean and Grape Colaspis in Corn: Will There Be a Repeat Performance in 2001?--Kevin Steffey

· Emerging Weed Problems--Aaron Hager

· Is There a Yield Penalty from Postemergence Soybean Herbicides?--Christy Sprague

· Evaluation of Market Advisory Services--Darrel Good

· Put N and P in the Crop, Not the Water--Robert Hoeft

· Stalk Quality, Yield, and Corn Hybrids: Was the "Nightmare of 2000" a Fluke?-Emerson Nafziger

· Corn Diseases in 2000--Dean Malvick

· Soybeans: Got Disease? It's Not a Good Thing--Suzanne Bissonnette

· Temperature, Residue, and Yields from Different Tillage Systems--Bill Simmons

Certified Crop Advisor Credits

· Nutrient management--0.5 credit

· Soil and water management--0.5 credit

· Crop management--1.0 credit

· Integrated pest management--3.0 credits

A preregistration form is provided in this issue of the Bulletin. You also can register by calling Conferences and Institutes at (217)333-2881. If you register on or before January 5, 2001, the fee is $30. If you register after January 5, the fee is $45. The fee includes lunch and a proceedings booklet. Make checks payable to the University of Illinois.

If you are mailing or faxing the registration form, please note that you cannot register more than one person on the same form. Each person must fill out a separate form. However, multiple forms can be mailed in the same envelope, and you may write one check to cover the total payment. Mail the form (along with credit card information or your check) to: Cashiering Office, University of Illinois, 162 Administration Building, 506 S. Wright Street, Urbana, IL 61801. Fax the form (along with your credit card information) to Conferences and Institutes at (217)333-9561. If you prefer to pay by check, fax in the form and mail your check to the Cashiering Office. You can register on site ($45) by bringing the form and your payment when you attend your chosen conference.

If you have any questions about registration or scheduling, please contact Conferences and Institutes at (217)333-2881. If you have any questions about the program content, contact Bob Hoeft at (217)333-4424. We hope to see you at one of the Classics.--Mike Gray and Kevin Steffey

Author: Kevin Steffey Mike Gray

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