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Reminder: 2001 Illinois Crop Protection Technology Conference, January 9 and 10

December 15, 2000
This is a final reminder to register for the 2001 Illinois Crop Protection Technology Conference to be held at the Illini Union on the University of Illinois campus on January 9 and 10. We printed highlights of the program in last month's issue (no. 24, November 3, 2000) of the Bulletin, and by now many of you have received registration information through the mail. The program pamphlet has been printed and distributed to 3,000 or more people, so hopefully the word is on the street. The program will be different in 2001, and we hope you attend to take advantage of our new approach in disseminating information during this long-running program. A few years ago, before he passed away, Dr. Pete Petty told me that we shouldn't shy away from trying new approaches with the "Spray School," the educational program he founded in 1949. Over the years, we have made some changes, and the changes in the 2001 conference are more dramatic than ever. Our intent is to offer more opportunities for learning in more interactive ways.

For your convenience, we are providing, once again, a preregistration form in this issue. In addition to mailing in the completed form, you can register by

· calling Conferences and Institutes at (217)333-2881,

· faxing this form to Conferences and Institutes at (217)333-9561, or

· going online at

Thus far, lots of people have preregistered for the conference, and we hope the trend continues. We want to see as many people as the Illini Union will hold in January.

Between now and then, Christmas and New Year's Day will come and go, and we hope to be among the first to kick-start discussions about crop protection in 2001. Please plan to attend the conference, and don't hesitate to invite people who may not have attended in the past. We welcome new faces.

We look forward to seeing you on January 9 and 10, 2001.--Kevin Steffey

Author: Kevin Steffey

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