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Pesticide Applicator Training Schedules Released

November 3, 2000
University of Illinois Extension and the Illinois Department of Agriculture (IDOA) released the commercial and private pesticide applicator training (PAT) schedules during the first week of November. All commercial, commercial-not-for-hire, and public operators and applicators should receive a renewal (one-year license) or retest notification letter and training clinic schedule from IDOA. In addition, all private applicators up for retest (three-year license) should receive a retest letter from IDOA. In each case, exams are valid for 3 years.

This season, there are 28 commercial clinics and 146 private clinics statewide. Both clinic schedules (and much more!) can be viewed at the University of Illinois Extension Pesticide Safety Education Web site at Private applicators, please contact your local University of Illinois Extension office to register for a clinic and to order study materials. All other operators and applicators should call University of Illinois PAT Program at (800)644-2123 or (217)244-2123.

If you have never held a license or if you allowed your license to lapse, contact the appropriate office and register for a training and testing clinic. If you have questions, contact IDOA at (800)641-3934.--Bruce Paulsrud

2000­2001 Commercial PAT Clinics

Nov. 27­28: Springfield (GS, FC, GF, S, MOS)

Dec. 14­15: Urbana (GS, FC, S, GF)

Dec. 18­19: Peoria (GS, FC)

Dec. 20­21: Mt. Vernon (GS, FC, S, GF)

Jan. 3: Urbana (GS, D&R)

Jan. 4­5: Rockford (GS, T, O, ROW, MOS)

Jan. 16: DeKalb (GS, D&R)

Jan. 17­18: Peoria (GS, T, O, AQ)

Jan. 23­24: Collinsville (GS, T, O, ROW, AQ, MOS)

Jan. 25­26: Mt. Vernon (GS, T, O, MOS, ROW)

Jan. 29­30: Springfield (GS, T, O, ROW)

Jan. 31­Feb. 1: LaSalle (GS, FC, S, GF)

Feb. 8­9: Urbana (GS, T, O, ROW)

Feb. 15­16: Matteson (GS, T, O, ROW, MOS)

Feb. 22­23: Jacksonville (GS, FC)

Feb. 27­28: Willowbrook (GS, T, O)

Mar. 6­7: Streamwood (GS, T, O, ROW)

Mar. 12: Mt. Vernon (test only)

Mar. 13: Collinsville (test only)

Mar. 14: Peoria (test only)

Mar. 20­21: Willowbrook (GS, T, O, ROW, AQ)

Mar. 22­23: Crystal Lake (GS, T, O)

Mar. 26­27: Moline (GS, T, O, ROW)

April 2­3: Willowbrook (GS, T, O, ROW)

April 4: Skokie (GS only)

April 11: Mt. Vernon (GS only)

April 18­19: Hillside (GS, T, O, ROW, PM)

May 9: Springfield (GS only)

Training codes: AQ = Aquatic,
D&R = Demonstration and Research, FC = Field Crops, GF = Grain Facility, GS = General Standards, MOS = Mosquito, O = Ornamental, PM = Plant Management, ROW = Right-of-Way, S = Seed Treatment, T = Turf

Author: Bruce Paulsrud

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