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The Crop Protection Technology Conference Program Is Set

November 3, 2000
The program for the 2001 Illinois Crop Protection Technology Conference is set and ready for distribution. Many of you will receive notification soon. The conference will be held at the Illini Union on the University of Illinois campus on January 9 and 10, 2001. A registration form is included in this issue of the Bulletin.

We have hinted at a change in format for the conference for several years, and Mike Gray provided a thumbnail sketch of the change in issue no. 22 (September 8, 2000) of the Bulletin. We thought it might be worthwhile to give you a more detailed overview to enhance your interest in attending the conference in January. So here goes.

The first day of the conference will look very much like conferences of old. We open with a keynote session, Agricultural BiotechnologyScientific and Social Issues. Four prominent speakers will offer their insights on issues associated with ag biotechnology, including food safety, marketing, and the media's handling of the issues. A panel discussion will follow their presentations. After a break, representatives from nine ag industry companies will tell us about New Developments from Industry. The mixer will follow, during which some of the companies will have table displays that include more details about new developments.

The format of the conference changes dramatically on the second day, January 10. Participants will have opportunities to attend two of four symposia or take part in some of the 14 workshop sessions. Because of these opportunities, participants will be able to "tailor make" their individual schedules with a mixture of symposia and workshops.

The four symposia are (1) Emerging Crop Protection Issues in Corn, (2) Emerging Crop Protection Issues in Soybeans, (3) Precision Farming and New Innovations in Crop Protection, and (4) Emerging Issues in Water Quality and Nutrient Management. Each symposium will consist of four presentations followed by a panel discuss with the audience. The topics within each symposium include an array of subject matter, from insect, weed, nematode, and disease management, to precision farming, remote sensing, water quality, and nutrient management. Each symposium will be presented twice.

The 14 workshop sessions are designed for smaller groups and allow for more interaction. The workshops during the morning of January 10 are (1) Seed treatments for soybean, corn and wheat; (2) Digital imaging; (3) Management, organic matter and carbon sequestration; (4) Herbicide behavior in the soil; (5) Plant stresses in corn and soybean; (6) Tough weeds on the horizon; and (7) Weed population dynamics. The workshops during the afternoon of January 10 are (8) Specialty corn and soybeans; (9) Western corn rootworms in corn planted after soybeans; (10) Troubleshooting field crop problems; (11) Sudden death syndrome of soybean; (12) Soybean cyst nematode; (13) Herbicide modes of action; and (14) Secondary insect pests of corn, including grape colaspis. All workshops will be presented twice.

Most of the workshops and all of the symposia are worth 1.5 CCA credits each in pest management, soil and water management, crop management, or a combination. Attending a combination of the keynote session and four symposia and/or workshop sessions should enable you to qualify for 7.5 CCA credits in areas you may need or want them the most.

If you attend, and we hope you do, your plates will be pretty full for 2 days. However, we are excited about the new format and hope you take time from your busy schedules to join us during our kick-off educational event for 2001. We believe the opportunities for learning are greater than ever before. Don't hesitate to contact one of us if you have any questions about the conference.--Kevin Steffey, Mike Gray, Susan Ratcliffe, and Suzanne Bissonnette

Author: Kevin Steffey Mike Gray Susan Ratcliffe Suzanne Bissonnette

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