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Insecticides for Bean Leaf Beetle Control: Correction

September 8, 2000
In the previous issue of the Bulletin (no. 21, August 25, 2000), I provided a list of insecticides that could be used for control of bean leaf beetles causing injury to soybean pods. I also provided preharvest intervals for the suggested insecticides because harvest of many fields of soybeans was imminent. A few people brought to my attention that the preharvest interval listed for Sevin XLR Plus was incorrect. So this is where I remind you that the label is the ultimate authority for rates, precautions, restrictions, and other information pertaining to the use of a specific product. We make mistakes copying information, and the people who notified me about the preharvest interval for Sevin XLR Plus were correct. Old labels of Sevin XLR Plus had a 0-day preharvest interval for use on soybeans. However, the most current label (1/13/00) of Sevin XLR Plus has soybeans listed under "Legume Vegetables," and the footnote regarding harvest restrictions states: "Do not apply within 14 days of grazing or harvest for forage or within 3 days of harvest of fresh beans or peas or within 21 days of harvest of dried beans or peas, seed, or hay." The same statement appears on the Sevin 80S and Sevin 4F labels.

Obviously, a 21-day preharvest interval places Sevin products in the same general category of lengthy preharvest intervals for the other products suggested for control of bean leaf beetles. With harvest fast approaching in a lot of fields, the preharvest intervals for these insecticides are too lengthy to consider treatment with any of them.

I apologize for the error.--Kevin Steffey

Author: Kevin Steffey

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