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University of Illinois Off-Campus Courses, Fall 2000

July 14, 2000
The Off-Campus Graduate Studies (OCGS) program offered through the Department of Crop Sciences enables students to continue their education at many locations in Illinois. Students who enroll in the program may choose to participate in courses primarily to advance their own professional development, or they may seek admission to the master's degree program in the Department of Crop Sciences. Students who complete three qualifying OCGS courses will receive a Professional Development Certificate. Overall, the program offers courses from many crop production and protection areas, such as plant breeding, insect pest management, plant physiology, herbicide mode of action, and crop growth and development. Participating sites in the OCGS program include Champaign, Vandalia, Springfield, Rock Island, Kewanee, Malta, and Joliet. Classes typically start very early in September, so registrations must be completed by August 10, 2000.

To gather some more detailed information about the OCGS program, please contact Dr. Fred E. Below, Program Coordinator, at (800)252-1360, extension 3-9745, or at his email address, In addition, Ms. Patricia Brandau, assistant to the OCGS program coordinator, may be reached at (800)252-1360, or by email, The OCGS program web page can be viewed at

Off-campus courses that are offered this fall include the following:

CPSC 323, Principles of Plant Breeding (Joliet Junior College, Joliet). 4 undergraduate hours ($572) or 1 graduate credit ($636). Tuesdays, September 5­November 21, 2000. Instructor, Professor Robert J. Lambert.

CPSC 326, Weed Management in Agronomic Crops (Quad Cities Graduate Center, Rock Island). 3 undergraduate hours ($429) or 3/4 graduate credit ($477). Mondays, September 11­December 4, 2000. Instructor, Adjunct Associate Professor Kenneth D. Smiciklas.

CPSC 329, Fundamentals of Insect Pest Management (Kishwaukee College, Malta). 4 undergraduate hours ($572) or 1 graduate credit ($636). Wednesdays, August 30­November 1, 2000; two Saturday classes, dates to be decided. Instructors, Adjunct Assistant Professor Susan T. Ratcliffe, Professor Kevin L. Steffey, and Professor Michael E. Gray.

CPSC 330, Plant Physiology (Lincoln Land Junior College, Springfield). 3 undergraduate hours ($429) or 3/4 graduate credit ($477). Wednesdays, August 30­December 6, 2000. Instructor, Professor Donald P. Briskin.

CPSC 377, Diseases of Field Crops (M5 Turner Hall, University of Illinois, Champaign). 3 undergraduate hours ($429) or 3/4 graduate credit ($477). Mondays, August 28­December 11, 2000. Instructor, Professor Donald G. White.

CPSC 418, Crop Growth and Development (Okaw Valley Vocational Center, Vandalia). 1 graduate credit ($636). Tuesdays, September 5­December 12, 2000. Instructor, Associate Professor Fred E. Below.

CPSC 426, Herbicide Fate and Mode of Action in Plants (Black Hawk College, East Campus, Kewanee). 1 graduate credit ($636). Mondays, September 11­December 11, 2000. Instructor, Adjunct Assistant Professor David Pike.--Mike Gray

Author: Mike Gray

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