Weak First Flight of European Corn Borers Persists

June 9, 2000
Through the end of May, the first flight of European corn borers has been less than impressive. Ron Hines, senior research specialist, Dixon Springs Agricultural Center, continued to report barely a "trickle" of European corn borer moths in southern Illinois (Massac and Pope counties) through May 30. Travis Gillett, a crop specialist with Twin County Service Company, Jackson County, reported to Ria Barrido, technical specialist, Growmark, that on June 2, he was finding newly hatched European corn borer larvae in producers' cornfields. Kevin Black, Cargill, reported (May 31) "anemic" corn borer moth captures in his light trap located near Lexington, McLean County. In a cornfield located about in the northwestern corner of Edgar County, Kevin Black also was able to find moths and some corn borer egg masses on knee-high plants. Although we do not anticipate a flurry of European corn borer moth activity in northern Illinois, we should begin to receive some reports from observers in northern counties within the next week to 10 days. So far, the first flight of European corn borers has matched our expectations based on the 1999 fall survey. However, don't neglect to scout for this insect pest. In some early-planted fields, corn borers still have the potential to inflict damage. For more complete management information on European corn borers, please consult issue no. 10 of the Bulletin.--Mike Gray

Author: Mike Gray