Don't Forget to Scout Alfalfa Fields for Regrowth

May 26, 2000
David Feltes, University of Illinois IPM Extension educator, Quad Cities Extension Center, reported on May 23 that he could find all life stages of alfalfa weevils in northern Illinois. A word of caution: monitor very carefully the regrowth of alfalfa this season. Because densities of weevils were so great this year, damaging levels of larvae and adults are likely to survive the first cutting in many fields. If stands fail to green up within a few days following harvest, don't simply blame the dry weather. Instead, take a close look at the stubble. Rescue treatments may be warranted after a cutting when larvae and adults are feeding on more than half of the crowns and regrowth is prevented for 3 to 6 days. Products labeled for use against alfalfa weevil adults include (1) *Furadan 4F (1 to 2 pt product per acre), (2) Imidan 70W (1 to 1-1/3 lb product per acre), (3) Lorsban 4E (1 to 2 pt product per acre), and (4) *Penncap-M (2 to 3 pt product per acre). Please consult the appropriate label for full instructions on product use. Those products preceded by an asterisk are restricted for use to certified applicators.--Mike Gray

Author: Mike Gray