Mark Your Calendars Now for the 2000 University of Illinois Agronomy Day--August 24

May 19, 2000
On August 24, 2000, the 44th Annual Agronomy Day will be held at the Crop Sciences Research and Education Center (South Farm) beginning at 7 a.m. Tours begin every 30 minutes between 7 a.m. and 12 noon. This program serves as an annual showcase for faculty to discuss their latest research findings with clientele throughout Illinois and also from neighboring states. The Department of Crop Sciences, in cooperation with some other units on campus, will feature four separate tours, with approximately five speakers at each tour. If you have any additional questions about Agronomy Day, please call Sharon Conatser, Department of Crop Sciences, at (217)333-4424. You can also check the latest updates on the web ( Topics to be featured at this year's program include the

Tour A

· Breeding for Resistance to Cyst Nematode

· "Those Darn Rootworms": A Western Corn Rootworm Update

· Our Experiences with Transgenic Crops for Insect Control

· Soybean Seeding Efficiency

· You Planted Corn When? How Early Is Too Early?

Tour B

· Automated Guidance for Row Crop Cultivation

· Smart Sprayer and Remote Sensing

· Evaluation of Oxydiesel Fuel for Agricultural Equipment

· Groundwater Table Management

· Vegetative Filter Strips to Reduce Pathogens and Nutrients in Runoff from Livestock Feedlots

Tour C

· Phosphorus Loss: Can We Predict It?

· Nitrogen: The State of Our State

· Improving Fertilizer N Use by Corn

· GMOs: Friend or Foe?

· Atrazine: Can You Have Too Much of a Good Thing?

Tour D

· Fumonisin: A Mycotoxin with Serious Potential for Disrupting Corn Markets

· Green Stem and Stem Canker: Emerging Soybean Diseases in Illinois

· Keeping Weeds DOA: A Colorful SOP for Herbicide MOA/SOA

· Herbicide Resistance in Waterhemp and Other Pigweeds

· Maximizing the Value of Soil-Applied Herbicides

In addition to the tours, numerous educational displays will be featured beneath the orange and blue "big top." Presenters will be available to answer questions about the displays. For just $5.00, you can purchase a lunch ticket at the registration table in the tent. I hope you'll join us this year for what should be an informative excursion to the field.-- Mike Gray

Author: Mike Gray