European Corn Borer Moth Emergence Under Way in Southern Illinois

May 12, 2000
Ron Hines, senior research specialist, Dixon Springs Agricultural Center, reported that the first captures of European corn borer moths occurred (Pope County) in pheromone traps on May 9. So this sets the stage for the annual European corn borer watch. Recall that last year's European corn borer fall survey revealed near-historic low population levels for this insect pest. We don't anticipate much of a first-generation threat from European corn borer this year; however, this doesn't mean you can ignore this pest. With the significant amount of early corn planting that has occurred this season, corn plants are likely to be at very susceptible stages for infestations to "take hold." Early-planted corn always has been at most economic risk from the first generation of European corn borers. In the next few weeks, we'll offer our predictions for the most suitable dates to begin your scouting efforts. With the reduction in the number of corn acres devoted to Bt hybrids, this pest may have a chance to "get off the canvas" this season.--Mike Gray

European corn borer moths (one with extended wings, two with not extended wings).

Author: Mike Gray