Regional Update

April 21, 2000
Northern Illinois

April 15­18 saw an increase in black cutworm moth flight activity. Jim Doherty, Utica Elevator, Utica, IL, in LaSalle County, reported to Dale Baird an intense capture of BCW moths (15 total) on the evenings of April 15 and 16. BCW moth captures (but not intense) were reported in Whiteside, Ogle, Stephenson, and Winnebago.

Corn and soybean planting picked up considerably this past week in all areas of northern Illinois.

Rains occurred on April 16 with amounts ranging from 0.25 inch up to 3.00 inches.

Fieldwork in preparation for planting continued until the rains came. Where rains were the lightest, only one day was taken off to let the upper soil surface dry.

Average alfalfa height is 4 to 8 inches with very little alfalfa weevil activity being reported.

In fields where no tillage has occurred or no burndown herbicides have been applied, the green growth of weeds is quite evident.

West-Central Illinois

· Some rainfall swept through most of the area recently, with reports of 0.2 to 2.0 inches. As a result, corn planting has been temporarily halted. Some farmers are finished planting and are waiting for warmer conditions before starting to plant soybeans.

· Some corn has emerged, and many acres are within a few days of emergence as soil temperature increases. In general, germination and emergence have been slow.

· Seed supplies of non-GMO corn for replant will be scarce. Because of that, some farmers delayed planting to reduce the risk of replanting.

· A very large catch of black cutworm moths was reported near Quincy on April 16.

· Severe damage in alfalfa fields has been reported due to clover leaf weevil, and alfalfa weevils continue to damage fields as well.