Glyphosate Options for Glyphosate-Resistant Soybeans

April 7, 2000
Several "new" glyphosate-type products are available this season for postemergence application in glyhposate-resistant soybean varieties. Refer to Table 7 for a list of glyphosate-type products labeled for in-crop applications. All these products contain the same acid that is found in the Monsanto Roundup brands but not all contain the same salt or adjuvant system. Those formulations that recommend additional additives will usually suggest the addition of a nonionic surfactant and, in some situations, a spray-grade ammonium sulfate as well.

The acid equivalent is identical for many of these formulations, but others do vary in the amount of acid contained in the formulated product. For more information on acid equivalents, please refer to the article, "Herbicide Formulations and Calculations: Active Ingredient or Acid Equivalent?" that appears in this edition of the Bulletin.-- Aaron Hager and Christy Sprague

Author: Aaron Hager Christy Sprague