Corrections for the 2000 Illinois Agricultural Pest Management Handbook

March 17, 2000
A couple of corrections need to be made to the weed-control chapters in the 2000 Illinois Agricultural Pest Management Handbook. In Chapter 2, "Weed Control for Corn, Soybeans, and Sorghum," Table 10, page 56, the Basis Gold rate should read 14 oz/A instead of 1/4 oz/A. Also in this table, the maximum grass sizes for 2/3 oz/A of Accent are 12 inches for seedling johnsongrass, 18 inches for rhizome johnsongrass, and 10 inches for quackgrass.

In Chapter 3, "Weed Control for Small Grains, Pastures, and Forages," Table 8, page 85, the efficacy ratings for Poast Plus and Pursuit are incorrect. The correct efficacy ratings for these two products are listed in Table 6.--Christy Sprague and Aaron Hager

Author: Aaron Hager Christy Sprague