Thanks, Mac

March 17, 2000
Although the Bulletin focuses primarily on dissemination of pest management and crop development information, I would like to digress for a moment and discuss a few changes that have occurred with some of the Extension Weed Science personnel at the University of Illinois. Last year, we welcomed Dr. Christy Sprague to our Extension Weed Science group. She has made many significant contributions in the short time she has been at Illinois, and we look forward to many years of her productive leadership.

This year, we say thanks and good-bye to a highly valued colleague. After 35 years of service to Illinois producers, Dr. Marshal McGlamery retired from the University of Illinois on February 29, 2000. During his long and productive career, Mac was widely known and highly regarded for his unbiased assessment of weed-management strategies. He received numerous awards for his extension and teaching efforts, all of which bear affirmative testimony of his dedication and unselfishness. His first and foremost concern was always what was best for the producer.

I first met Mac in 1993, and since that time I have continued to benefit from his breadth of knowledge. I've spent countless hours in Mac's office listening to him explain seemingly impossible problems in a very logical and basic manner. He has been a valuable resource for identification of weed samples, crop injury samples, contributions to the Bulletin, winter meetings, field days, and providing insight into some of the reasons "things" happen the way they often do in the weed science industry. His personification of what an Extension weed scientist should be may very well be Mac's greatest legacy.

Though retired, Mac still maintains an active presence in several aspects of our Extension Weed Science program for the foreseeable future. Although we hope to someday fill his position, we understand we can never find a replacement.

I'm confident that I speak for many people when I offer my thanks and appreciation to Dr. Marshal McGlamery for his many years of dedicated service. On behalf of all of us who have worked with you over the years, Mac, thank you.--Aaron Hager

Author: Aaron Hager