Third Year for the University of Illinois Corn and Soybean Classic Meetings

December 3, 1999
After two years of successful programming, we will conduct the 2000 University of Illinois Corn and Soybean Classic around the state for the third consecutive year. Overall response to these meetings has been positive, so we will continue to conduct them as long as we are meeting the needs of the audiences.

The protocol for the meetings has become relatively standard, with only the topics changing from year to year. The presenters will make relatively short presentations (usually 25 minutes) during morning and afternoon sessions. Each session will be followed by a question-and-answer period during which presenters interact with the audience. Presenters have been asked to present only the most current and relevant research-based information available to get right to the point of the topic. Certified Crop Advisor (CCA) credits will be available in the following areas: soil fertility (0.4 credit), crop production (1.3 credits), and pest management (2.4 credits).

A preregistration form is provided in this issue of the Bulletin. You also can register by calling Conferences and Institutes at (217)333-2881. If you register on or before December 23, 1999, the fee is $25. If you register after December 23, the fee is $40. The registration fee includes lunch and a proceedings booklet that contains the main points of each presentation.

Following are dates and locations of the Classic meetings and a list of the presentations that will be given at each Classic.

Dates and Locations

January 11--Bloomington (Interstate Center)

January 12--LaSalle (Celebration 150)

January 13--Freeport (Ramada)

January 14--Galesburg (Jumer's)

January 18--Mt. Vernon (Holiday Inn)

January 19--Effingham (Keller Ramada Inn)

January 20--Quincy (Holiday Inn)

January 21--Springfield (Crowne Plaza)

Topics and Speakers

· Price Prospects: Marketing Opportunities and Production Signals--Darrel Good

· Crop Insurance for 2000: Products Providing Effective Risk Reductions--Gary Schnitkey

· Hacking Through the Jungle: The Art and Science of Choosing Crop Varieties--Emerson Nafziger

· Nitrogen Additives and Applicators: Which Ones Work?--Robert Hoeft

· Balance: What Tilted the Scales in 1999?--Christy Sprague

· Resource Competition: When Do Weeds Hurt Corn and Soybean?--Bill Simmons

· The Soybean Cyst Nematode: Beware, It's There--Dale Edwards

· Use of Transgenic Hybrids in Insect Management: Outlook for 2000 and Beyond--Michael Gray

· What to Do About the Forgotten Corn Insects: Wireworms, Grape Colaspis, Cutworms, Etc.--Kevin Steffey

If you have any questions about registration or scheduling, please contact Conferences and Institutes at (217)333-2881. If you have any questions about the program content, contact Bob Hoeft at (217)333-4424. We hope to see you at one of the Classics.--Kevin Steffey and Mike Gray

Author: Kevin Steffey Mike Gray