New Book About Corn Insects Is Available

October 4, 1999
The Entomological Society of America (ESA) recently published the Handbook of Corn Insects, ESA's latest publication in its Pest Management Series. With contributions from 74 authors representing universities, federal agencies, corporations, and research centers, this comprehensive resource guide contains the following:

· detailed descriptions of 76 insect pests of corn and the injury caused by these pests

· lists and keys with detailed illustrations of pests at various life stages

· descriptions and keys to injury caused by insects

· a section about pathogens, parasitoids, and predators

· 158 color photographs, dozens of illustrations, and distribution maps

· a directory of resources for obtaining information from different states

· a glossary

· practical and up-to-date strategies and techniques for management of corn insect pests

This book will be a valuable resource for practitioners of integrated pest management programs in corn including growers, crop consultants, company agronomists and sales representatives, extension agents, researchers, and students.

The editors of the handbook include me and Mike Gray, as well as Marline Rice (Iowa State University), John All (University of Georgia), David Andow (University of Minnesota), and John Van Duyn (North Carolina State University). If you are familiar with Marlin's excellent photographic work, you'll be pleased to know that most of the photos in the handbook are his. If you're not familiar with Marlin's photographic work, the handbook offers an excellent opportunity to be introduced to it. And, by the way, none of the editors receive royalties from sales of the handbook.

ESA members can order the handbook for $28.00; the cost to nonmembers is $35.00. For further information or a review copy, contact April Gower, (301)731-4535, ext. 3021, or e-mail For ordering information contact the ESA sales coordinator, (301)731-4535, ext. 3010. You can also order the handbook by using ESA's secure order form on the Web ( Steffey

Author: Kevin Steffey