European Corn Borer Survey to Be Conducted This Fall

August 27, 1999
The last season we conducted the fall survey of European corn borers was 1996. With the generous help of IPM and Crop Systems Extension Educators this fall, we intend to survey 10 fields in each of 33 counties throughout Illinois. The procedures followed will be the same as those we used since the early 1940s. Why resurrect the survey? This season, the first and second flights of European corn borer were very low in many areas of the state. Recently, we've had reports of more impressive flights in southwestern counties of Illinois. Because of the low densities of European corn borers and the very low commodity prices, many producers already are beginning to ponder the wisdom of purchasing Bt hybrids for the 2000 growing season. Although the type of spring weather following moth emergence is the most critical factor affecting first-generation borer infestations, we believe we can assist producers in their seed-selection decisions by providing them with information regarding the magnitude of local populations of borers. The harvest will most likely begin very early this season. So we intend to begin our fall survey soon after the Labor Day weekend. Don't be surprised to see our Extension educators walking into cornfields equipped with clipboards and other sampling items. In issue no. 23 of the Bulletin, scheduled for October 1, look for the results of our fall survey.--Mike Gray

European corn borer survey to be conducted throughout Illinois, Fall 1999.

Author: Mike Gray