Come Take Part in the 1999 Agronomy Day!

August 6, 1999
Please make sure that this year's Agronomy Day is on your calendar. The 43rd consecutive Agronomy Day is scheduled for August 26 and will be held at the Crop Sciences Research and Education Center (South Farms) on the campus of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The theme for this year's event is "Agriculture for the New Millennium." Participants will be able to choose those presentations of most interest to them. Four separate tours are planned and include the following topics:

Tour A

Genes from Wild Soybeans

Virus Diseases in Small Grains

Increasing Antioxidants in Corn Grain

The Chromosomes of the Soybean

Losing by Winning: Competition Among Corn Plants

Tour B

SCN: Detection and Management

SDS: Can We Manage This Serious Soybean Disease?

Transgenic Crops for Insect Management: Benefits and Pitfalls

Soybean Insect Friends and Foes

Rotation-Resistant Corn Rootworms

Corn Earworm Management in Seed Corn

Tour C

Phosphorus and the Environment

Ammonium Sulfate: When Should It Be Applied?

Does Herbicide Injury Reduce Soybean Yield?

Weed Management in Herbicide-Resistant Crops

Waterhemp: A Perennial Headache from an Annual Weed

Tour D

On-Tractor Information Manager

OxyDiesel Fuel for a Cleaner World

Water Table Management

Aerial Infrared Mapping of Field Tile

On-the-Go Soil Nitrate Sensing

In addition to these four tours, many displays will be featured beneath our large blue-and-orange tent. These "big top" displays include Off-Campus Graduate Studies in Crop Sciences, AgRisk, Low-Altitude Aerial Imaging for Precision Farming, Soil Survey Centennial, Drummer Soil, Solar Power, Illinois Council on Food and Agricultural Research, Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan, Plant Clinic, Using Your Farm Records to Analyze the Financial and Production Efficiency of Your Farm Business, The Illinois Society of Professional Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers, The "Quick Fiber" Process, Smart Sprayer, Crop Sciences on the World Wide Web, and Farm Safety and AgrAbility.

I hope you'll join us on August 26 and take part in this very diverse program. Plan to join us for coffee bright and early at 7 am. Lunch will be offered for $4.00 and begins at 11:30 am. Our faculty and staff look forward to welcoming you to this annual event!--Mike Gray

Author: Mike Gray