Unimpressive Second Flight of European Corn Borer Reported Throughout Illinois

July 23, 1999
So far, the second flight of European corn borer moths remains unimpressive throughout the state. We shouldn't be surprised, since the first flight was hardly noticeable. Ron Hines, Senior Research Specialist, Dixon Springs Agricultural Center, reported the beginning of the second flight of European corn borer moths during late June and early July. At the other end of the state, Carol Parish and Brian McMillen, located at the Monsanto Agronomy Center near Monmouth in Warren County, have reported low but nearly continuous moth counts in black-light traps since mid-May. Because of the steady "trickle" of moths at this location, it is a challenge to clearly separate generations of this pest. In next week's issue, look for more information on scouting and management tips for the second generation of European corn borer.--Mike Gray

Author: Mike Gray