Improve Your Skill and Knowledge

July 9, 1999
The Off-Campus Graduate Studies (OCGS) Program in Crop Sciences at the University of Illinois is an excellent way to expand your knowledge base in agriculture; courses are offered around the state in a wide variety of topics. University classes in crop and soil sciences are taught by faculty members who travel to off-campus locations and teach in person, usually for 3 hours, one evening a week, for one semester.

Locations where these courses are currently offered are Joliet, Malta, Kewanee, Rock Island, Vandalia, Quincy, Springfield, and Champaign. Additional locations may be added as interest warrants. This fall, courses will be offered in Insect Pest Management (Springfield), Plant Nutrition (Malta), Crop Growth and Development (Joliet), Soil Chemistry (Rock Island), Plant Physiology (Kewanee), Crop Growth and Production (Quincy), Crop Sciences for Educators (Champaign), and Herbicide Behavior in Plants (Vandalia). Classes start in early September; registration must be completed by August 20, 1999.

Successfully completing three courses (one must be a higher-level course) in the OCGS Program qualifies you for a Professional Development Certificate in Crop Sciences. Students who apply and are accepted to the Graduate College can obtain a master's degree in Crop Sciences after completion of eight units (usually 9 or 10 courses). However, people may take individual courses for personal or professional development; no further course enrollment is necessary.

To learn more about the Off-Campus Graduate Studies Program in Crop Sciences, contact Dr. Fred E. Below, Program Coordinator, at (800)252-1360, ext. 39745, or at You can also view the OCGS web page
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Author: Patricia Brandau Fred E. Below