Watch Alfalfa Fields for Lack of Regrowth: Adult Weevils Are Busy

June 18, 1999
Most of the alfalfa in the state has been harvested, and the first crop has been removed. Just yesterday (June 15), I received a report that a stand was failing to "green up" properly. Closer examination of plants within the field revealed alfalfa weevil adults busily removing any green tissue evident. Fields of alfalfa are now at a point in the season where weevils and potato leafhoppers can jointly "work over" a regrowing stand. Rescue treatments may be required for weevils after a cutting when larvae and adults are feeding on more than 50 percent of the crowns and regrowth is prevented for 3 to 6 days. Products suggested for adult weevil control include *Furadan 4F (1 to 2 pints of product per acre), Imidan 70-W (1-1/3 pounds of product per acre), Lorsban 4E (1 to 2 pints of product per acre), and *Penncap-M (2 to 3 pints of product per acre). Those products preceded by an asterisk are restricted-use products and may be applied only by certified applicators.--Mike Gray

Author: Mike Gray