Black Cutworm Cutting Occurring in Champaign and Douglas Counties

May 21, 1999
David Brummer, KSI Laboratories, Shelbyville, reported (5/18) that corn plants were being cut in some cornfields of Champaign and Douglas counties. These observations match up nearly to the day of our projected cutting dates for both these counties based on intense flights of black cutworm moths that occurred in mid-April (see Table 1, issue no. 6). In the rush to finish corn planting and begin planting soybeans, don't overlook the potential for serious injury that can result from feeding by this sporadic insect pest. Cornfields in the 1- to 4-leaf stage of development are especially prone to economic injury. Invest some precious time to walk your fields; this effort could be well worth the effort. The next two to two-and-a-half weeks will be a critical period to pay black cutworms some respect throughout much of the state.--Mike Gray

Author: Mike Gray