Mark Your Calendars for the 1999 University of Illinois Agronomy Day--August 26

May 21, 1999
On August 26, 1999, the 43rd Annual Agronomy Day will take place at the Crop Sciences Research and Education Center (South Farm) beginning at 7 am. Tours begin every 30 minutes between 7 am and 12 noon. This program serves as an annual showcase for faculty to discuss their latest research findings with clientele throughout Illinois and also from neighboring states. The theme for this year's event is Agriculture for the New Millennium. The Department of Crop Sciences, in cooperation with some other units on campus, will feature four separate tours, with approximately five speakers at each tour. Topics to be offered at this year's program include the following:

Tour A

· Genes from Wild Soybeans

· Virus Diseases in Small Grains

· Increasing Antioxidants in Corn Grain

· The Chromosomes of the Soybean

· Losing by Winning: Competition Among Corn Plants

Tour B

· Soybean Cyst Nematode: Detection and Management

· Sudden Death Syndrome: Can We Manage This Serious Disease of Soybean?

· Transgenic Crops for Insect Management: Potential Benefits and Pitfalls

· Soybean Insects Friends and Foes

· Rotation-Resistant Corn Rootworms

· Corn Earworm Management in Seed Corn

Tour C

· Phosphorus and the Environment

· Ammonium Sulfate: When Should It Be Applied?

· Does Herbicide Injury Reduce Soybean Yield?

· Weed Management in Herbicide-Resistant Crops

· WaterhempA Perennial Headache from an Annual Weed

Tour D

· On-Tractor Information Manager

· OxyDiesel Fuel for a Cleaner World

· Water-Table ManagementA Tool for Optimized Yield and Improved Water Quality

· Aerial Infrared Mapping of Field Tile

· On-the-Go Soil Nitrate Sensing

In addition to the tours, numerous educational displays will be featured beneath the orange and blue "big top." Presenters will be available to answer questions about the displays. So plan for an interesting excursion to the field and through the displays and exhibits. For just $4.00, you can purchase a lunch ticket at the registration table in the tent. During lunch, participants are encouraged to continue discussions with speakers and solicit answers to any lingering questions that may not have been addressed on the tours. Finally, if you have any questions about the program, please give Sharon Conatser, (217)333-4424, or myself, (217)333-6652, a telephone call; our e-mail addresses are and Both Sharon and I are coordinating this year's event, along with Bob Dunker, Farm Superintendent of the Crop Sciences Research and Education Center (South Farm). At last year's program we broke attendance records for the last decade or so. Please join us this year to help celebrate the last Agronomy Day of this century.--Mike Gray

Author: Mike Gray